Team Event Maastricht – We love bees!

At MCS, we support the conservation of biodiversity and understand the importance of honey bees and other pollinators for the ecosystems and agricultural crops.
Biodiversity of species and ecosystems is declining faster than at any time in human history, states the IPBES in its latest report. 47% of our natural ecosystems have declined relative to earliest estimates, the number of species facing extinction reaches around 1 million and pollinator loss pose a risk to up to $577 billions of annual global crop output (IPBES report May 2019). In this context the role of restoration of ecosystems and conservation of biodiversity is a s significant as the reduction of emissions within compensation and mitigation.
At this years team event we learned more about beekeeping and our little helpers at the Byeboere Social & Urban Beekeepers Project in Maastricht. The beekeepers are working in different districts of Maastricht providing active and educational activities for local residents and everyone interested with insights on the world of bees and the importance of greenery in the city. Bees are seriously threatened by a lack of suitable breeding places and sufficient food. That is why the Byeboere want to guard the bee population in Maastricht and ensure that the habitat is enlarged.

Two trained beekeepers passed on their knowledge about bees and told us passionately about the importance of these special insects while we were sitting in their flourishing community garden watching bees in and around their hive.