Meo Carbon Solutions Internal Compliance

Meo Carbon Solutions Internal Compliance

At Meo Carbon Solutions, we pride ourselves on sustainability and ethical business practices. As a company deeply committed to promoting a more responsible future, we strive to set the highest standards for ourselves and our clients. As part of this commitment, we are delighted to offer easy access to our internal compliance documents, including our policies and practices concerning anti-corruption, fair competition, conflict of interest and gender equity.

Anti-corruption Compliance Policy

This document establishes controls to ensure compliance with all applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations, as well as to ensure that Meo Carbon Solutions‘ activities are conducted in a socially responsible manner.

Click here to download the anti-corruption compliance policy (111 KB).

Competition Compliance Policy

This document highlights Meo Carbon Solutions‘ policy of competing fairly in compliance with competition laws. The policy is designed to provide further guidance on standards of conduct regarding anti-competitive behaviour.

Click here to download the competition compliance policy (102 KB).

Conflict of Interest Policy

This document establishes controls to prevent the professional and personal interests of Meo Carbon Solutions employees from influencing the performance of their duties on behalf of Meo Carbon Solutions. 

Click here to download the conflict of interest policy (102 KB).

Gender Equity Plan

This document sets out key principles, objectives and measures to promote equal opportunities for women, men and gender diverse people.

Click here to download the gender equity plan (86 KB).