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HORTICERT Website Launches: An International Certification System for Peat Substitutes

Meo Carbon Solutions is excited to formally announce our latest project, HORTICERT, a certification system for peat substitutes.

HORTICERT is an international certification system ensuring sustainability along the entire supply chain. By certifying sustainable and climate-friendly peat substitutes, HORTICERT supports peat reduction that will contribute to peatland conservation, environmentally friendly horticulture and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

You can explore the HORTICERT website to learn more about why peatland conservation is critical, insights on the benefits of different peat substitutes, a comprehensive guide to our certification process and detailed information on HORTICERT's sustainability, traceability and GHG requirements.

We will update the website soon so system users can gain access to effortless certification registration directly through our website and convenient document downloads for a seamless process.

Together, we can drive positive change for our environment and promote sustainability in the horticultural sector.

4C Services Release Carbon Footprint Add-On (Version 2.0)

Meo Carbon Solutions' sister company, 4C Services, recently released its updated 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On (version 2.0).

Meo Carbon Solutions has been a crucial partner in helping develop the latest version of the add-on, which provides system users with a powerful standard to understand and tackle the climate impact of coffee production and to certify "Climate-Friendly Coffee."

As a consultancy, Meo supported 4C to improve the 4C certification standard, including developing this GHG add-on a few years ago. A few weeks ago, we launched version 2.0 with updates to better understand how to apply the standard, extended the list of emission factors in the annex, adapted the audit procedure and requirements and more.

The recent launch of the 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On 2.0 signifies the evolution of the 4C certification standard. This update delivers several significant improvements that enhance accessibility and effectiveness for the coffee industry.

Our partnership continues to drive progress, equipping coffee producers with the tools and knowledge required to attain "Climate-Friendly Coffee" certification. Together, we are contributing to a more sustainable future for the coffee industry.


Meo Carbon Solutions has been working on the development and implementation of an international certification system for sustainable and climate-friendly peat substitutes, HORTICERT, for the past two years. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) based on a decision by the Federal German Parliament. Within the framework of a multi-stakeholder process and under the leadership of the Agency for Renewable Resources (Fachagentur für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V., FNR), MCS is now entering the project's final phase.

After developing, pilot testing and optimizing the certification concept, Meo will transition HORTICERT into regular operation in the last project phase (end of 2023 to end of 2025). The transition into regular operation includes issuing first certificates, implementing a quality management and integrity program and obtaining an official recognition and accreditation of the system. Furthermore, communication strategies and digital solutions for conducting audits will be developed during this phase.

HORTICERT will offer certification of peat substitutes along the entire value chain —from the extraction of raw materials to the production of the final substrate. Companies ranging from independent smallholder farms to processing and mixing plants, as well as traders, can apply for a certification. HORTICERT will ensure that the peat substitutes used in peat-free and peat-reduced growing media have been produced in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way.

We really appreciated our collaboration with Meo which allowed us to greatly improve our carbon assessment skills and to make significant progress on the carbon strategy at group level. We particularly valued the competence, flexibility and availability of the team.

Catherine Rehbinder, Sucafina

Meo Carbon Solutions convinced us with their competent, professional and fast
implementation of our project. We can recommend the company to others.

Project Partner, Europe

We have worked together with Meo Carbon Solutions many times in the past and the cooperation was always highly professional and their expert knowledge has
contributed significantly to the success of our project.

International Research Institution

Thanks to MCS for their help and support in developing and implementing our project to increase sustainability on our production site.

Project Partner, Asia

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