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About us

Meo Carbon Solutions is an innovative solution provider supporting companies, ministries and institutions with customized approaches to increase sustainability.

Get informed – Our latest Insights

MCS at this years ISCC Global Sustainability Conference in Brussels

On February 12 2020 the 10th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference took place at Residence Palace in Brussels, Belgium. The annual conference offered valuable insights into the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) and the implementation in the Member States. Representatives from the European Commission and Member States presented policy updates that are highly valuable for professionals working in the renewable energy industry. MCS informed the audience about new Sustainability Criteria for Solid Biomass and successful certification of lignofuels, based on processing residues from the forest industry or wood from agriculture.

MCS at the 1st International Conference on Cellulose Fibres

The conference (11-12 February 2020) organized by the NOVA institute gave interesting insights in what is moving the sector of cellulose fibres and the market for textiles in general, and where the industry is heading concerning major sustainability issues. MCS introduced the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification scheme (ISCC), a globally established sustainability scheme with a strong focus on deforestation-free supply chains and traceability.

MCS project partner Vynova has developed a unique approach on biobased PVC

The chemical company Vynova markets a line of PVC with biological properties that will help customers in all sectors to develop innovations and make their PVC products more sustainable. The biobased PVC is produced on the basis of renewable ethylene, a raw material derived from second-generation biomass. With renewable ethylene as feedstock significantly less fossil fuels are needed than in the conventional PVC production process. This reduces CO2 emissions by more than 90%. Vynova's "bio-attributed" PVC range is suitable for both hard and soft PVC applications in all sectors. Vynova's Belgian site in Tessenderlo will produce the monomer that forms the basis for the PVC portfolio with bio-attributes. The company has chosen ISCC PLUS for the certification of its developed "bio-attributed" PVC.

Meo Carbon Solutions convinced us with their competent, professional and fast
implementation of our project. We can recommend the company to others.

Project Partner, Europe

We have worked together with Meo Carbon Solutions many times in the past and the
cooperation was always highly professional and their expert knowledge has
contributed significantly to the success of our project.

International Research Institution

Thanks to MCS for their help and support in developing and implementing our project to increase sustainability on our production site.

Project Partner, Asia

We connect the elements that build up your future sustainable business.

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