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Human Rights in agricultural value chains include the Right for food

The sufficiency of EU laws on addressing Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) has been recently discussed at an online conference organized by Welthungerhilfe and Meo Carbon Solutions. Outcomes indicate that sustainability certification represents an important tool to support corporate HRDD, contributing to human rights fulfilment in general and the Right to Food of farmers and farm labourers in particular.
The Food Security Standard (FSS) has been developed to proof whether production on farms in the Global South is compatible with the human right to food of smallholders and farm labourers and the surrounding communities.

Compensation of greenhouse gas emissions of the new Rephone produced by 4G Systems

We estimated GHG emissions for the production of the Rephone, to ensure carbon-neutrality through appropriate compensation for 4G Systems GmbH & Co KG. By using local components and manufacturing the Rephone locally, 4G Systems reduces the GHG emissions from production and transport. However, because the production cannot avoid components from Asia, at least for the time being, 4G Systems compensates the CO2 produced there, via offsetting. Meo supported 4G Systems in offsetting their emissions by supplying high-quality certified carbon credits from the Lower Zambezi REDD + Project (LZRP) in Zambia.

Development and implementation of an international certification system for peat substitutes

MCS has been commissioned by Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR) to develop and implement an international certification system for peat substitutes. The background of this project is the reduction of the use of peat in horticulture and landscaping, as well as in hobby gardening, which is envisaged in the Climate Action Plan 2050 of the German Federal Government. Promoting suitable and sustainable peat alternatives is critical to achieving the goal of building a substrate industry that conserves peatlands and reduces GHG emissions.

The project includes the development of a certification concept, pilot testing and optimization of the certification system as well as the transition to regular operation and will take place over a period of 48 months under involvement of relevant stakeholders. The certification system will enable the verification of ecological, social, and economic sustainability aspects of peat substitutes, the determination of GHG emissions of the substitutes as well as their emissions savings compared to conventional products, and the traceability of international supply chains. In addition, the certification system will be applicable for all peat substitutes currently on the market as well as for future substitutes.

We really appreciated our collaboration with Meo which allowed us to greatly improve
our carbon assessment skills and to make significant progress on the carbon strategy at
group level. We particularly valued the competence, flexibility and availability of the team.

Catherine Rehbinder, Sucafina

Meo Carbon Solutions convinced us with their competent, professional and fast
implementation of our project. We can recommend the company to others.

Project Partner, Europe

We have worked together with Meo Carbon Solutions many times in the past and the
cooperation was always highly professional and their expert knowledge has
contributed significantly to the success of our project.

International Research Institution

Thanks to MCS for their help and support in developing and implementing our project to increase sustainability on our production site.

Project Partner, Asia

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