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Our latest article on an Integrated Sustainability Risk Analysis for Certification is published

Under the title "Combining Environmental Footprint Models, Remote Sensing Data, and Certification Data towards an Integrated Sustainability Risk Analysis for Certification in the Case of Palm Oil" Meo Carbon Solutions has published a new article together with co-authors from the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ), Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) and Global Risk Assessment Services (GRAS). The outlined conceptual approach is about an integrated sustainability risk analysis of processes and products used within the Bioeconomy by taking into account footprint modelling data, the use of sustainability certification systems, and data and results from remote sensing analyses.

MCS has participated in the 4C online seminar series „Sustainable Coffee Thursday“.

The international coffee certification scheme 4C Services is holding a series of online seminars revolving around sustainability problematics in the coffee sector. Various topics such as deforestation, biodiversity, climate change and social challenges within the coffee industry will be touched upon in the multiple rounds of bi-weekly seminars.
Meo Carbon Solutions has held a presentation on “Greenhouse Gas Calculations in Coffee Supply Chains and Climate Friendly Coffee Certification with 4C” last Thursday 15 October 2020 with more than 100 participants.

MCS study „Analysis of the palm oil market in Germany in 2019“ is published!

The study „Analysis of the palm oil market in Germany in 2019 “ conducted by Meo Carbon Solutions on behalf of the German Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (Forum für Nachhaltiges Palmöl, FONAP), identified that 1.26 million tons of palm oil and 120,212 tons of palm kernel oil were consumed in Germany in 2019. Furthermore, an overall share of sustainable palm and kernel oil in total consumption have increased by 5% compared to 2017 and amounted to 83% and 63%, respectively.

Having a closer look to the five sectors, the share of sustainable palm (kernel) oil by sectors in 2019 was as following: energy - 100% sustainable palm oil, food - 90% sustainable palm oil and 88% palm kernel oil, feed - 25% sustainable palm oil, chemicals/pharmaceuticals - 63% sustainable palm oil and 64% palm kernel oil, cleaning products & cosmetics 63% sustainable palm oil and 64% palm kernel oil.

Since 2013, the share of sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil in Germany is continuously increasing (sustainable palm oil consumption increased from 70% to 83%, palm kernel oil consumption increased from 42% to 63%).

Meo Carbon Solutions convinced us with their competent, professional and fast
implementation of our project. We can recommend the company to others.

Project Partner, Europe

We have worked together with Meo Carbon Solutions many times in the past and the
cooperation was always highly professional and their expert knowledge has
contributed significantly to the success of our project.

International Research Institution

Thanks to MCS for their help and support in developing and implementing our project to increase sustainability on our production site.

Project Partner, Asia

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