63. SEPAWA conference

On October 13th 2016, Meo Carbon Solutions presented results from the palm oil market study of the German Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (Forum für Nachhaltiges Palmöl, FONAP) on the SEPAWA conference in Fulda.

Meo Carbon Solutions held the presentation “The use of palm and palm kernel oil based surfactants in laundry and home care and cosmetic products – results of the FONAP survey” on Thursday, October 13th 20016 at 09:00 a.m. in hall 3.
Topics were the relevant amounts of sustainably certified and non-certified palm oil and palm kernel oil used in products of Laundry and Home Care and Cosmetics for the German market in 2015. Market implications, influencing factors and future developments will aslo be discussed.

If you are interested in the presentation or the topic of market analysis, please contact us.