Research and demonstration project on renewable jet fuel (DEMO-SPK)

Meo Carbon Solutions participated in the DEMO-SPK project, that was implemented within the German Mobility and Fuels Strategy by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). The overall objective of the project was to investigate and verify the behaviour of mixtures of several renewable jet fuels with conventional JET A-1 kerosene under realistic conditions of a major airport (Leipzig/Halle, Germany). The project, as the first of its kind in this set-up, successfully demonstrated the use of renewable jet fuel in the general fuel supply infrastructure.

Meo Carbon Solutions contributed with its expertise to set up a sustainability documentation for renewable aviation fuels and multi-blends. Such a documentation involves sustainability requirements for various feedstocks (e.g. no deforestation, protection of highly biodiverse and high carbon stock areas worldwide) and the traceability and transparency along the entire supply chain. The summary of the results can be viewed here.