Supply Chain Implementation

Our Competences

Meo Carbon Solutions supports clients in fulfilling of and adapting to organizational, feedstock and supply chain requirements in the light of a circular economy.

Circular Economy

Meo Carbon Solutions supports clients in all areas of the EU policy on waste treatment with the objective to close the loop of product life cycles via increased recycling and re-use

  • Evaluation of business opportunities
  • Covering Directives on packaging, waste and landfill
  • Get ready for Circular Economy compliance
  • Identification of funding opportunities

New Feedstocks

Meo Carbon Solutions evaluates the compliance of new feedstocks with sustainability and further regulative requirements in the EU, different EU member states or globally

  • Evaluation of regulations for new feedstocks
  • EU eligibility of new feedstocks and related process
  • Identification of current and future requirements
  • Supportive communication and media packages
  • Supply chain solutions for new feedstocks
  • Facilitating search for buyers and suppliers

New Technologies

Meo Carbon Solutions supports clients in proliferating and establishing new technologies in line with legislative framework conditions and investor and market demands

  • Supporting financing and investment decisions
  • Market and customer demand analyses
  • Scenario analyses and strategic options
  • Strategic due diligence and business plan development
  • Legislative eligibility of innovative technologies)
  • Customized investor packages

Risk and Traceability

Meo Carbon Solutions helps to build sustainable, transparent and traceable supply chain solutions 

  • Supply chain mapping and hotspot analyses
  • Risk evaluation and risk mitigation
  • Sustainable supply chain solutions
  • Customized track and trace databases

Capacity Building

Meo Carbon Solutions supports capacity building and improvement of sustainability skills

  • Training materials for sustainability and traceability
  • Qualification for GHG calculations
  • Customized training for companies and institutions
  • Customized training for farmers and smallholders

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