Data Collection and Monitoring

Our Competences

Meo Carbon Solutions supports you in ensuring sustainable land use management and measuring as well as improving the impact of your feedstocks, products and processes.

GHG Emissions

Meo Carbon Solutions calculates and measures greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for certain products or processes or for whole life cycles

  • Land use change detection solutions
  • Deforestation early warning solutions
  • Greenhouse gas emission measurement
  • Monitoring of customized indicators (KPIs)
  • Mobile apps for community “gras root infos”
  • Sensor based analyses of soils, water and air

LCA Analysis

Meo Carbon Solutions conducts complete or partial Life Cycle Analyses (LCA)

  • Calculation, analysis and measurement
  • Analysis of product, process or supply chain footprint
  • Development of GHG calculation tools
  • Get ready for ISO 14064, GHG protocol, EU Directive
  • Adaptation to specific demands
  • Customized solutions for innovative processes
  • Trainings for organizations, auditors or authorities
  • Support in external and internal communication

Risk Analysis

Meo Carbon Solutions analyses sustainability risks of your sourcing regions and supply chains

  • LCAs of environmental or social aspects
  • LCAs for products, services or any goods
  • Get ready for ISO 14040, PAS 2050, KPI
  • Adaptation to specific demands
  • Performance evaluation and improvement
  • Comparison to other products or services


Meo Carbon Solutions develops monitoring solutions for sustainability data. If the relevant information does not already exist we will provide innovative approaches for generating or measuring it

  • Databases for land use management
  • Analyses of geo-referenced data
  • Risk evaluation of feedstocks and stakeholders
  • Hotspot-Analysis in supply chains
  • Identification of current and future risks
  • Support on compliance strategies

Our latest References


  • Analysis of production process of renewable aviation fuel
  • Development of a GHG calculator
  • Recommendations on potential GHG emission reduction options

ISCC, Neste, KLK and IDH

  • Project with ISCC, Neste and KLK and IDH
  • Measuring emissions from POME ponds and GHG savings by introduction of a belt filter press
  • Development of EU-RED compatible GHG calculation methodology


  • Data gathering and verification for GHG calculations
  • Development of a GHG calculator and GHG calculations